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Breakfast and lunch

De Drie Koningen

Breakfast and Lunch

Maybe you had a late flight or train journey, were the shops closed or you hadn’t been able to do your shopping for breakfast yet?

In that case, let us fill your fridge before arrival.

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The holiday apartments have everything you need to cook yourself. Still, after a tiring journey, you are not always in the mood for shopping right away.
That is why we can prepare a ‘Breakfast & Lunch Package’ in the fridge before you arrive.

Immediately a good start to your stay.


Order at least one day before arrival.

Unlike a B&B or hotel, you can also save everything for the evening or morning.

You can order through our ‘Service Shop’ via the link below.

Price: 58 € for the starter package.



This package is ideal as a start for 2 or more people.

It includes:
Fresh orange juice, yogurt, pieces of fruit, ham and cheese, Brie, 4 eggs, coffee and tea, milk, jam, chocolate, chocolate, toast bread, bread rolls to bake,


The amount of your order will be added to the final account.