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House rules

The tenant and his co-tenants are obliged to occupy the rented apartment with the required care and care, taking into account the tranquility of the environment. In the event of any infringement(s), we refer to these house rules, which are inextricably linked to the Terms and Conditions .

1. The tenant and those accompanying him or her must adhere to these house rules during their stay and declare that they are aware of them and that they accept them at the time of booking. Any breach of this may give rise to compensation or denial of (further) access to the apartment.

2. The tenant must ensure that he does not cause any noise or nuisance to the neighbors or to other tenants in ‘De Drie Koningen’. In the event of infringement, all persons will be refused further access to the holiday home – without prior warning and without refund of rental fees.

3. It is forbidden to use the holiday home to organize bachelor parties, drinking parties or other wild parties. In case of infringement, the rental period will be terminated and access to the apartment will be denied, without the tenant having any right to reclaim the rent already paid.

4. Smoking (tobacco, e-cigarette, …) and the possession and use of any form of drugs and narcotics is prohibited in ‘De Drie Koningen’. Smoking is also not allowed in the apartment with an open window, on the windowsill or on the above-ground terraces because of the fire hazard, noise nuisance and the chance of unnecessarily activating the smoke detectors present. Failure to comply with this smoking ban may lead to early forced departure without any financial compensation.
There is a smoking area in the communal garden at 17 Twijnstraat.

5.  The apartments may only be occupied by the tenant, his co-tenants and any visitors up to the maximum permitted capacity of the apartment. If the tenant still allows extra people to spend the night or stay in the apartments, an additional cost of € 125 per person per night will be charged.  This can also lead to an early forced departure without any financial compensation. 
The use of own bedding, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses is prohibited if this exceeds the maximum permitted capacity of the apartment.
6.  Animals are not allowed for hygienic reasons. Any infringement gives rise to an early forced departure without any financial compensation and an additional cleaning fee of 125 €. 

7.  All (safety) devices (fire extinguishers, fire reels, report buttons, etc.) are present in the apartments in accordance with the fire safety regulations. The guest may not use these devices for improper use. This gives rise to an additional cost of 500 euros, as well as compensation for the damage caused.

8.  As a guest, you are responsible for the rented accommodation, including all kitchen utensils, furnishings, furniture, equipment and appliances. The visitor leaves everything in a good and tidy condition at the end of the stay. The tenant does not move furniture.

9. When present and insofar as the temperature permits, the tenant closes all windows of the living room and the kitchen from 10:00 PM Even when absent, the tenant closes all windows and doors of the apartment. All damage caused by rain and wind as a result of negligence, can be recovered from the tenant.

10.  The pool may only be used between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Diving in the pool is not allowed. Appropriate swimwear is required. Any infringement gives rise to a compensation of 125 €. This can also lead to an early forced departure without any financial compensation.