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House rules

House rules

The most important house rules can be found in the holiday home. These house rules are an integral part of these general provisions. We expect all guests to abide by, know and accept these rules. Any infringement of this can lead to compensation or fines.
We expect guests to abide by the following house rules:

1. The guest must behave in a reasonable and responsible manner at all times without causing any inconvenience to neighbors or other guests. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to early forced departure without any financial compensation.

2. Smoking (tobacco, e-cigarette,…) and the possession and use of any drugs and narcotics in “De Drie Koningen” is prohibited. Even smoking in the apartment with an open window, on the windowsill or on the above-ground tare is not allowed and would activate the existing smoke detectors. Failure to comply with this smoking ban can lead to an early forced departure without any financial compensation.

3. The apartments may only be used by the guest (and his party). If the guest allows extra people to stay in the apartments, we will charge an extra € 150 per person who was admitted.

4. The guest is obliged to pay for any damage or loss caused to the apartments. This damage or loss is based on any reasonable amount with which this damage or loss can be repaired, including the costs of cleaning or replacement of goods belonging to the apartment.

5. Animals are not allowed. Any infringement gives rise to an early forced departure without any financial compensation.

6. In the apartments, all (safety) devices (fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, report buttons, etc.) are present in accordance with government regulations. The guest may not use these devices for improper use. This gives rise to an additional charge of 500 euros, as well as compensation for the damage caused.

7. For hygiene reasons, the use of your own bed linen, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses is strictly prohibited.

8. As a guest you take care of the rented accommodation including all kitchen utensils, furnishing, furniture and equipment. The visitor leaves everything in a good and tidy condition at the end of the stay. The guest does not move furniture.

9. The guest closes all windows of the apartment from 10:00 PM. Also during his stay, the guest closes all windows and doors of the apartment. We can recover from the guest any damage caused by rain and wind as a result of negligence.

10. The swimming pool may only be used between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Diving in the bath is not allowed.