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Railway station

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There is actually only one station in Bruges, namely BRUGES.
‘Bruges – St-Pieters’ has little meaning.

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Preferably travel with IC trains. They connect the major cities and are faster.
So avoid IR trains. Stop more and are therefore slower.

Main destinations

Top destinations with the average duration depending on the route and the hour:

Brussels Airport – Zaventem

Duration: 1h20 ( 1x per hour immediately ) or 1h30 (1x or 2x per hour with 1 transfer )
If you are coming from the airport and want to continue your journey to Bruges, take the train to OOSTENDE or BLANKENBERGE/KNOKKE-HEIST. both trains stop in Bruges.

Ghent Saint Peter

Duration: 0h27 ( 2 or 3 x per hour – direct train )

Brussels Central Station

Duration: 1h10 ( 2x or 3x per hour direct train )

Antwerp Central Station

Duration: 1h10 ( 1x per hour direct train ) or 1h40 (1 x per hour with 1 transfer in Gent-St-Pieters )

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