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‘De Drie Koningen’ has a private parking garage with 3 parking spaces on the site.

To reserve

The rental price of a parking space is 15.00 € per day .

It is best to book in advance. You can check here the availability and make a reservation if you want.

You can only make a reservation if you have a credit card. If you don’t have one, have someone else in the group who has a credit card make the reservation.


The garage is located next to the apartments, but is only accessible by car along Ridderstraat between house numbers 12 and 14. It used to be the coach house of the neighboring building (see photo).

First drive with the luggage to the entrance of your apartment (Twijnstraat 13 or 17 – see also Arrival ) and then park the car.

There is no key to open the garage from the outside. There is also no code.
The garage can only be opened from the inside. You or a companion must first pass the reception (entrance Twijnstraat 17) to the garage at the back of the communal garden to open the door.

Drive from Twijnstraat (turn right 3 times) around the block of houses until you reach Ridderstraat.

How to park?

The three places in the garage are marked out.
Park backwards within the lines so that other guests can drive in and out as well.

How and where to park is shown in detail in the video below.

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