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Vakantiewoningen - Holiday Rentals

We ensure the safety of our guests and employees 

It looks like we’ll have to live with the corona virus for a long time. Going on holiday will therefore also be organized and experienced in a different way than before.

De Drie Koningen has adapted to this changed situation so that our guests can still enjoy a unique stay in Bruges.
But we cannot do this alone: we also rely on the cooperation and understanding of our guests.

Stay safe in De Drie Koningen

Keeping distance and limiting the number of contacts remain the most important rules in the fight against Covid-19. De Drie Koningen uses some practices to meet these requirements.

✔ Our guests have very spacious apartments.
✔ Only contact with members of your family or group.
✔ No busy breakfast rooms, but a full kitchen and dining area.
✔ You can avoid restaurants by ordering “Take away” and still make it a party.
✔ Our apartments have a terrace or garden.
✔ All shops and attractions within walking distance.
✔ No public transport required, therefore the risk of contamination remains minimal.
✔ An extra apartment if someone falls ill and have to isolate themselves.

Our precautions

De Drie Koningen has taken a number of measures to keep our guests’ stay as safe as possible and to minimize the risk of contamination.

✔ Hand gel is available at the entrance of the buildings.
✔ Recommendations for hygiene, ventilation and for a daily cleaning round.
✔ A starter package of means to maintain hygiene per apartment: antibacterial hand gel, rubbing alcohol, kitchen roll, sponge, dish cloth and mop.
✔ Additional resources can be purchased locally or at nearby specialty stores.
✔ The final cleaning is done by our cleaning team on the basis of a checklist.
✔ All reusable linen are washed at the designated temperature
✔ Only lockable trash cans with lockable trash bags
✔ After cleaning, disinfection is done with extra attention to frequently used surfaces (kitchen, bathroom, …), door handles, worktops, tables, light switches, remote controls …
✔ Once checked out, the guest is no longer allowed to enter the apartment.
✔ The pool can only be used by 2 people at the same time (including children)

Restrict contacts

Restricting contacts is one of the basic principles in the fight against Covid-19. De Drie Koningen has organized itself in that sense.

✔ De Drie Koningen no longer has a physical reception, but a digital version: “Hospitality App”.
✔ Classic transactions at the counter are digital: online booking, online check-in and check-out with instructions, access codes, online payments, …
✔ In our Hospitality App also a “digital guest area” with information and recommendations about your stay and Bruges.
✔ In order for our cleaning team to work in safe conditions, all contacts with guests are avoided.
✔ Therefore we ask our guests to check out no later than 10:00 am.
✔ Check-in is only possible from 3:00 PM or when the guest receives a message that the apartment is ready.
✔ A smartphone becomes an indispensable tool for our visitor.

Your cooperation and understanding is really necessary

Only together we are strong

In person
✔ Wash your hands regularly
✔ Sneezing or coughing? Use a tissue and throw it away immediately afterwards.
✔ When you go out, respect the 1.5 meter distance
✔ Avoid physical contact with others than your travel companions

In the apartment
✔ Do not invite guests to your apartment
✔ Ventilate the rooms daily
✔ Try to make a daily cleaning round yourself

Checking out
✔ Open a window in every room.
✔ Start the last dishes, but DO NOT take the dishes out.