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Book an apartment in 3 steps


Check availability and prices

Enter the arrival date and departure date.
All options are listed on our booking page.
Note: keep in mind the booking conditions below.


Book and provide your details

If there is availability, you will also receive the requested rental price. If you want to book, confirm with “Book”.

We ask the details of the tenant. E-mail address and mobile phone number are especially important.


Register your credit card

You don’t need to pay a deposit or advance payment. But we do require a valid credit card that will be used for all payments.

All payments are made upon check-out.

Booking options


3 night stay.

Check-in: on Friday
Check-out: on Monday

Bookings up to 6 months in advance


3 or 4 night stay.
4 night stay: 10 % discount.

Check-in: on Monday or Tuesday 
Check-out: on Thursday or Friday

Bookings up to 6 months in advance

Weekly rental

7 night stay or more 
Check-in: on Monday or Friday
Check-out: on Monday or Friday

Christmas and New Year: only per week.

Bookings up to 1 year in advance